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Use Minemax Planner as a pit optimizer with pushback generation, or take it to the next level with schedule optimization.

Either way, our high-level strategic mine planning and pit optimization software puts a wealth of mine value, mining risk analysis and insights at your fingertips. And it does it fast.


Minemax Planner’s simple, guided workflow enables you to rapidly:

  • Understand the potential value of projects
  • Tackle pit optimization for ultra-large datasets
  • Incorporate multiple elements and processes
  • Optimize pit shells and minable pushbacks
  • Develop a high-level strategic schedule
  • Analyze risk analysis, including financial/grade uncertainty
  • See how prices, recoveries, costs and grades affect KPIs/NPV.

An independent study by leading mining consultants shows that Minemax Planner creates pit shells faster than Whittle with LG, with identical results.

Minemax Planner and GEOVIA Whittle Open Pit Optimization Software Comparison

AMC Consultants have released a study report comparing Minemax Planner and GEOVIA Whittle with LG.

Summary Highlights

  • Planner and Whittle with LG generated exactly the same optimal pit shells with respect to spatial location and pit inventories.
  • The Planner pit optimization computing times were significantly faster than the Whittle pit optimization times, up to several orders of magnitude for the model comprising 9.1 million non-air blocks.
  • Planner efficiently managed and optimized a large model comprising 16.2 million non-air blocks. Whittle was unable to effectively manage a block model of this size, using the test computer (the run was terminated after 40 hours).

Features and benefits

Fast pit optimization

Gives you the same pit shells as an LG-based optimizer, but in a fraction of the time.

Multiple shell generation and sensitivity analysis

Analyze multiple scenarios and make project decisions with less time investment.

Pushback generation

Combine pit shells into pushbacks automatically, ensuring practicality of subsequent schedules.

High-level NPV schedule optimization

Quickly determine optimal project value in the context of operational mining and processing constraints.

Financial and grade analysis

Assess the effect of revenue, cost and recovery variations (using Monte Carlo techniques) and the impact of grade variations on KPIs (conditionally simulated models).

Extremely easy-to-use interface with step-by-step workflows

Reduces the setup time of your projects and it’s easy to use even for first time planners.

Large model capabilities with 64-bit optimization

Easily handles tens of millions of blocks on computers with sufficient memory, so you can get even more value by optimizing smaller block sizes.

3D visualization

Slice and dice through pit shells, pushbacks, and annual face positions for immediate validation of mining practicality.

Pre-defined interactive reports

Use instant access charts and tabular reports for rapid analysis of project economics.


Compare Minemax Planner editions

Editions Standard Professional
Pit optimization tick tick
Shell generation and sensitivity analysis tick tick
Financial and grade risk analysis tick
Easy-to-use interface with step-by-step workflows tick tick
High performance 3D visualization tick tick
Pre-defined interactive reports tick tick
Large model capabilities with 64-bit optimization tick tick
Pushback generation with minimum mining width tick tick
NPV schedule optimization with mining and processing constraints tick


We offer a range of short-term rental, long-term subscription and perpetual license options. Find out more about the pricing options for the edition that suits you.

Minemax Planner

Standard Ideal for
  • Exploring your ultimate pit and pit shells
  • Generating minable pushbacks with minimum mining width

Minemax Planner

Professional Ideal for
  • Conducting risk and sensitivity analysis
  • Generating minable pushbacks with minimum mining width
  • Developing high level strategic schedules

Contact us for purchasing options including network licensing, short-term rentals, and perpetual licenses.


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