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Visualize and simplify your activity-based scheduling.

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Our underground and open pit production scheduling software is easy

Easy to learn. Easy to use, even for first-time planners. And with Gantt charts, 3D visualization and reports that are easy on the eye, it’s easy to understand.


iGantt Open Pit enables you to quickly and easily:

  • Create detailed, activity-based mine schedules, including trucking
  • Model drill, blast, load/haul and backfill activities
  • Allocate mining blocks to shovels using simple point-and-click controls
  • Verify the practicality and value of schedules with 3D animation
  • Generate custom reports for physicals, equipment, consumables and budget financials
  • Provide management with schedule costing and streamline procurement.

iGantt Underground allows you to quickly and easily:

  • Generate precedences automatically based on development design strings geometry
  • Save the set-up time normally associated with manually entering precedences
  • Use auto-scheduling functionality to balance out resource utilization
  • Optimize both development and production activities with our UG Optimizer Edition.

Our UG Optimizer edition offers joint optimization of both development and production activities


Features and benefits

Interactive Gantt charts

Set precedences between activities and allocate resources to activities, giving you the flexibility to view and filter activities based on resources, location or processes.

Detailed rate modelling

Allows you to allocate different resource assignments over the duration of an activity.

Equipment scheduling with custom calendars

Maintain a detailed production schedule and consider different mining rates, scheduled maintenance and work crew availability.

3D visual scheduling

Use a simple point-and-click function using strings, filled/outlined polygons and triangulated solids to sequence activities on a resource.

Custom reporting

Create dynamic custom reports with advanced attribute and resource conditions as you schedule or export reports as a csv.

Schedule animations

Validate the practicality of your schedule and share your schedule with stakeholders without access to iGantt.

ODBC interface

Connect iGantt to a multi-users production database. As reserves are updated, your schedule can be easily updated.

Auto-generated precedences

Automatically generate logical mining precedences that follow the geometry of your operation.

Underground auto-scheduling module (UG and UG Optimizer editions only)

Create a balanced production schedule by automatically adjusting heading development rates and achieve maximum equipment utilization at all times.

Constraint-based optimization (UG Optimizer edition only)

Develop an optimal schedule which simultaneously balances mining rate, controls milling rate and mill feed blend with minimum and maximum levels. Eliminate the tedium of hitting targets in production scheduling.


Compare iGantt editions

Editions Free Viewer Open Pit Underground UG Optimizer
Gantt chart activity-based scheduling tick tick tick
3D visual scheduling tick tick tick
Detailed rate modelling tick tick tick
Equipment scheduling with custom calendars tick tick tick
Auto-generated surface precedences tick
Auto-generated UG precedences tick tick
Resource auto-scheduling tick tick
Custom reporting tick tick tick
Polygon scheduling tick
NPV schedule optimization tick
Development and processing constraints tick
View iGantt files only tick


We offer a range of short-term rental, long-term subscription and perpetual license options. Find out more about the pricing options for the edition that suits you.


Open Pit Ideal for
  • Developing open pit operational mine plans


Underground Ideal for
  • Developing underground operational mine plans


Underground Optimizer Ideal for
  • Developing optimal underground mine plans


Viewer FREE
No license required Ideal for
  • Sharing your schedule within your team
  • Communicating schedules to management and production
  • Accessing your projects after lease expiry

Contact us for purchasing options including network licensing, short-term rentals, and perpetual licenses.


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