Whether you’ve just bought your Minemax software licenses, or you want to try a demo version or use our free viewer applications first, all the software downloads you need are right here.

Download Minemax Software Manager

Start with our Minemax Software Manager (MSM) which allows you to download the latest versions of your mine planning and scheduling software. MSM helps you install, update and operate your software and is compatible with all versions of Minemax Software.

Minemax Software Manager

Access your software

Accessing the latest versions of your software is easy with a maintained license. You just need to launch your installed MSM and follow the prompts to download or update your licensed software.

Please get in touch to renew if your license has expired.

Free demo software

If you haven’t used our software before, we encourage you to take a demo version for a test drive. It’s quick and easy to download a demo.

Minemax Planner Demo Our high-level strategic mine planning and pit optimization software
Tempo Demo Our detailed open pit mine scheduling software

Free viewers available

Want to share schedules and reports with people who don’t have our licensed software? Need to view schedules and reports, but your license has expired? That’s what our free viewer software is for.

To download our viewers for Scheduler or iGantt, first download and install Minemax Software Manager, then follow the prompts to download a viewer.

Need to download a legacy version or standalone (offline) installer?

If you’d like to install an older version of our software, you’ll need a license, maintained on the date the relevant version of the software was released.

Download Standalone Installers

Contact us to update your maintenance for full access to the latest version.

Setting up an academic license?

You can download the academic version of Minemax Planner once you’ve joined our Academic Program.

Contact our support team for instructions on downloading your particular academic license.

Minemax Planner Academic



Frequently asked questions

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You can read all about our mine planning software, as well as our mining software training and consulting services, right here on our website. But if you have any questions, we’re here to help.

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