There’s more to our mining software company than our mining software

We’ve maintained our position at the pioneering edge of mine optimization and life-of-mine planning software since 1996 by evolving with the international mining industry. By being partners, not just providers.

Our mining software company

From our global capabilities, to the ‘what if’ culture and values that keep us at the pioneering forefront.

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Our mining specialists

Why does mine planning feel so intuitive with our mining software? It’s because we’re mining people.

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Our mission, our community

We’re not just on a mission to support the global mining industry. We’re also here to help the broader community.

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Our Academic Program

Just as our software equips the mining industry, our Academic Program helps prepare the next mining generation. Sign up and get our pit optimization software.

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Our expertise

Ask us about our mining software and how we can help with mine planning that maximizes the value of your business. Contact our mine planning software experts.

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You can read all about our mine planning software, as well as our mining software training and consulting services, right here on our website. But if you have any questions, we’re here to help.

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