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Generate detailed plans to follow your strategic plan.


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The mining industry called for a tool that quickly and easily generates practical plans that follow your strategic plan.

We answered that call with Tempo.


Our new Tempo makes it easier than ever to:

  • Generate practical mine plans that follow your strategic plans
  • Create block-based and polygon-based schedules that respect trucking capacity
  • Achieve mining, processing and blending constraints in your schedule
  • Maximize retained value in transitioning from your strategic plan to your detailed plan.

Even with an optimal strategic plan, you won’t realise your mine’s value if your operational plan doesn’t align with it.


Features and benefits

Fast block and polygon scheduling

Develop practical block- and polygon-based schedules that meet your project constraints

Automated scheduling

Avoid the tedium of manually generating and evaluating schedules with fully automated scheduling


Model and constrain your truck fleet to develop a detailed practical plan respecting trucking requirements

Stockpiling and Reclaiming

Add even more value with automated stockpiling and reclaiming

Flexible precedences generation

Streamline precedence generation with flexible options from simple automated setup through to advanced digitized dig lines

Mining, processing and blending constraints

Create a schedule that is practically achievable and satisfies mining, processing and blending constraints

Multiple scheduling engine options

1. Very fast scheduling engine using the Bienstock-Zuckerberg (BZ) algorithm

2. Optimal NPV scheduling using the same 20-year industry-proven MILP optimization technology found in Minemax Scheduler (polygon models only)

Versatile reporting and exporting

Provide the right information to the right people with flexible reporting dashboards and exporting options

Minemax Scheduler Integration

Easily transition from your strategic plan to a detailed plan through seamless integration with Minemax Scheduler

Detailed waste dump scheduling

Import waste dump designs to integrate mine and waste dump scheduling for more accurate haulage and associated costs.


Compare Tempo editions

Editions Standard Optimizer
Block-based scheduling  tick  tick
Polygon-based scheduling tick  tick
Automated scheduling tick  tick
Mining, processing and blending constraints tick  tick
Stockpiling tick  tick
Haulage tick  tick
Versatile reporting and export options tick  tick
Modern scheduling engine using BZ algorithm tick  tick
MILP NPV optimization for polygon models  tick
Detailed waste dump scheduling tick tick


We offer a range of short-term rental, long-term subscription and perpetual license options. Find out more about the pricing options for the edition that suits you.


Standard Ideal for
  • Block-based and polygon-based detailed mine planning


Optimizer Ideal for
  • High–value polygon-based detailed mine planning

Contact us for purchasing options including network licensing, short-term rentals, and perpetual licenses.


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