We’re constantly evolving our pit optimization software with high-level strategic scheduling and risk analysis functionality so our customers are equipped for tomorrow.

And with our Academic Program we’re doing the same for the next generation of mining professionals.

Who says university doesn’t prepare you for the real world?

What better way to prepare for a career in mining and mine optimization than using the software the professionals use – Minemax Planner, our strategic pit optimization program.

It’s intuitive, easy to install and packed with innovative features, which makes it the perfect introduction to real-world strategic mine planning problems, methods and solutions.

Who is eligible for this special edition software?

To qualify for our Academic Program and access Minemax Planner, your organization must:

  • be a fully accredited academic institution with courses in mine planning
  • offer structured courses that incorporate the use of Minemax Planner software
  • nominate a full-time professor as the license administrator and our point of contact
  • acknowledge our (Minemax) software in published course descriptions and student projects
  • allow us to reference your institution in our promotional materials and website
  • agree to use the software only for non-commercial purposes

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