Chris Spurling as Product Manager at Minemax

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We are pleased to announce that Chris Spurling has stepped up into the Product Manager role for Minemax.



Chris joined Minemax as a Software Architect in 2011. As the leader of the software development team, he has consistently excelled at managing all aspects of the product lifecycle from planning through to design, development, testing and deployment.

With his extensive domain expertise in mine scheduling, Chris clearly understands the many dimensions involved in these problems.  He is particularly talented in his ability to cleverly design modern software that is both flexible and easy to use.

“Chris has deep knowledge of our software and our many clients’ needs which were built through experience leading the development team and guiding mining engineers for well over a decade.  I look forward to what we will accomplish as Chris takes on leadership of Minemax product direction and day-to-day operations, and to see our customers achieve their goals well into the future.” 

– Joe Kraft, CEO of Minemax.


Get to know Chris in this interview.

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