Tempo Releases

Tempo 3.2.2

Bug Fixes: Fixed issues with removing zero mass blocks during importing; Fixed UI layout issue when importing a large number…

Tempo Releases

Tempo 3.2.1

Enhancements: Datamine block model and polygon model importing; Support for extended precision Datamine string and triangulation files; Integration improvements;

Tempo Releases

Tempo 3.2.0

Enhancements: Detailed waste dump scheduling; Configure grouping and decimal separator for parsing international CSV files; Configure decimal separator for expressions;…

Tempo Releases

Tempo 3.1.2

Enhancements: Optional reblocking of regularised block models to bench polygons; Update to CPLEX 12.9; Themed message boxes; Bug Fixes: Faster…

Tempo Releases

Tempo 3.1.1

Enhancements: Optional dark UI theme; Bug Fixes: Fixed scheduling issue when attribute and product attribute constraints are defined; Fixed scheduling…

Tempo Releases

Tempo 3.1.0

Enhancements: Integration with Minemax Haulage; Clone a location under the Location tab; Enhancements to the Heuristic Solver; Optimizer performance improvements;…

Tempo Releases

Tempo 3.0.4

Enhancements: Improvements to heuristic; Precedences now support minimum and maximum vertical lag; Stage-based mining limits; Improved slope/distance precedences for block…

Tempo Releases

Tempo 3.0.2

Enhancements: * Movement Table report; * Attribute Table report; * Stockpile Table report; * Trucking Table report; * Constraint Table…

Tempo Releases

Tempo 3.0.1

Enhancements: * Financial chart; * Attribute Ratio chart; * Attribute chart now supports mining and stockpile locations; * Direction filter…

Tempo Releases

Tempo 3.0.0

Our detailed open pit mine planning software Generate detailed plans aligned with your strategic plan Features & Benefits Fast block-level…

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