Tempo to be shown at Expomin in Santiago

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Minemax Tempo for integrated and optimized mine planning will be demonstrated at Expomin in Santiago. Minemax Tempo is an enterprise solution for integrated and optimized mine planning that enables creation of high-value strategic schedules and the refinement of these schedules down through the planning hierarchy into practical operational schedules aligned with the strategic plan.

Visit Minemax at Booth A33 in the Australian Pavillion to see how Tempo tackles integrated and optimized mine planning. Expomin runs from April 12 – April 16.

A key aspect of Tempo is its built-in support for collaboration, which enables planners, managers, and executives to easily interact, share schedules, and make coordinated responses to schedule changes. By enabling collaboration between multiple users, organizations can use a long-term plan to derive an operational plan that maximizes mine plan compliance while meeting short-term targets. Additionally, they can easily measure compliance with a long-term plan and instantly know the impact their operational planning and tactical responses will have on the long-term value of the mine. Last, but not least, they can quickly update the long-term plan after a change at the short-term planning level.

Tempo is the first mine planning application with the capability to handle mine planning across the short-, medium-, and long-term horizons. This is a key requirement of integrated and optimized mine planning and is achieved by Tempo without a need for any expensive customised integration between applications.

Tempo is available in three editions, Lite, Professional and Enterprise. Tempo Enterprise is the flagship collaborative mine planning and scheduling edition in the Tempo suite of solutions. It adds a unique collaborative environment to Tempo Professional’s comprehensive planning and intuitive workflow capabilities. Tempo Enterprise is the first choice for mine planning in mid-to-large size mining operations where a team of people are involved in different aspects of planning and poor mine plan compliance can result in staggering economic loss.

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