New Tempo Release With Enhanced BZ-based Scheduling

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Tempo version 3.0.4 with an enhanced BZ-based scheduling engine is now available for all maintained and subscribed users through the Minemax Software Manager (MSM). BZ-based mine scheduling is gaining momentum in industry because it delivers high-value schedules quickly.

The Tempo 3.0 release in September 2017 marked the first time BZ-based scheduling was available in a commercial mine scheduling solution. Since that time, Minemax have been extending the scope of Tempo’s BZ-based scheduling to include multiple alternative material destinations, trucking, both block and polygon scheduling and, most recently, products.

We understand that MILP loyalists may not want to jump on the BZ bandwagon just yet. That’s why we have provided an MILP solver option as well for polygon-cut scheduling in Tempo. So take your pick: BZ or MILP. It’s up to you.

This release builds upon the previous release where products where introduced. New product and product attribute charts and tabular reports are now available in Tempo 3.0.4. Products, along with their associated attributes, constraints and reports, enable you to more completely model your mineral value chain. For example, in iron ore, products can be used for lump and fines, each with their own prices and blending constraints. In coal, products can be used to combine the outputs of both wash plant and bypass processing options into multiple saleable blended products. With metals mining, products are used to satisfy monthly metal targets resulting from multiple processing options.

Our updated demo version has all the new product functionality with updated tutorials and demo datasets to help you see how Tempo with enhanced BZ-based scheduling can simplify your detailed mine planning process. Why not take it for a spin?

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