Smooth trucking in your strategic schedule with difference constraints

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We’ve all been there. You’ve developed a high-value strategic schedule only to realize that you need to do more smoothing to make it practical. You need to remove those peaks and valleys in material movement or resource utilization. How do you do it? By forcing movement in certain areas and restricting it in others. Before you know it, you have a handful of necessary operational constraints and dozens of other constraints serving to bend the schedule to your will. Imagine if you could do this with one new type of constraint to rule them all.

Well, now you can – with Minemax Scheduler for integrated strategic mine planning. Thanks to the new difference constraints, you can now smooth your schedule by putting minimum or maximum constraints on the differences between time periods rather than just on individual periods. When you introduce difference constraints into your schedule, Minemax Scheduler provides the balance you want between value and practicality.

Watch this short movie to see how easy it is to use difference constraints to smooth trucking in your strategic schedule.

For more details on using difference constraints in Minemax Scheduler, contact our mining engineers who are always here to discuss your particular situation.

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