SME 2013 Simultaneous Pit and Waste Dump Schedule Optimization

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A copy of the presentation made by Minemax and Metal Mining Consultants at SME 2013 entitled Simultaneous Pit and Waste Dump Schedule Optimization is now available for download.

Download here Abstract: Detailed waste dump scheduling is often carried out as a subsequent process to the development of a mine schedule. If there is no feasible schedule with the available truck fleet, it is necessary to return to the mine scheduling process and continue this iterative process until feasible mine and waste dump schedules are found. Even if a feasible set of schedules is found, there is no guarantee that the solution is optimal.

This presentation outlines an approach for jointly optimizing detailed waste scheduling together with a mine schedule. Haulage capacity is included, together with options for multiple waste dumps and the containment of reactive waste. The approach is applicable to any mine schedule modeling framework based upon a constrained process based approach. Examples are given in Minemax’s scheduling solutions, including Minemax Scheduler, Tempo, and iGantt.

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