New Tempo Release Brings Product Modeling Capability and Enhanced Reporting

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Minemax are pleased to announce the release of Tempo 3.02 for detailed mine planning. This new release provides product modeling functionality that enables customers to put even more detail into their mine plans.

In detailed mine planning, there are many types of constraints that determine what can and cannot be done. Additionally there are budget targets that drive detailed mine planning. The more completely these constraints and targets are accounted for in a mine plan, the more practical the plan is for an operation. Conversely, if key constraints aren’t considered, the plan may not be implementable, which means there effectively isn’t a plan. As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

In many mining operations, the concept of products relates to key operational constraints and/or budget drivers. A product is typically the final product a mining operation produces after all processing steps are completed. In metals mining, this can be the extracted metal itself. In iron ore, it can be lump and fines products that come from a crushing operation. In coal there can be different products of specified ash content produced either through washing or by bypassing the wash plant.

It’s not enough to constrain mining and processing for these operations. Constraints on products are required if a mine plan is to be practical for the operation. Tempo’s new product modeling enables mine planning engineers to easily define products and associated constraints to achieve even more detailed and implementable mine plans.


In addition to product modeling, this release builds upon Tempo’s powerful dashboard-based reporting capability by introducing a suite of tabular reports. Tabular reports for material movement, products and financials have been added. The setup of these reports leverages Tempo’s user-friendly drag-and-drop dashboard design. Charts and tabular reports can be combined in dashboards to present the right information to the right people.

Minemax will demonstrate the new functionality at EXPOMIN 2018 in Santiago, Chile from April 23-27.


Jim Butler

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