New Release of all Mine Scheduling Solutions

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Minemax is pleased to announce new software releases for all three of its scheduling solutions: Minemax Scheduler V5.0 for strategic schedule optimization, iGantt V3.6.7 for underground production scheduling and Tempo V1.1 for integrated and optimized mine scheduling.

Minemax Scheduler V5.0 Beta has been in testing by selected customers and the V5.0 production release is now available for maintained customers. This release provides significantly superior optimization performance in comparison to the version 4 series, allowing you to evaluate more scenarios in the same time span. There have also been improvements to the block model importer to make it easier to set up your Scheduler model before optimizing.

In the new release of iGantt the import of data from various reserve systems has been updated and is significantly more intuitive. It handles the import of depleted reserves more effectively giving better integration with real-time reserve systems. Version 1.1 of Tempo includes the following new/improved capabilities:

  • Precedence generation that radiates out from a selected starting position on a bench (e.g. from ramp intersection with bench), giving you practical mine schedules.
  • Reporting improvements that allow easier inspection of the change in stockpile composition over time.
  • Geometry re-blocking capability in the reserves importing function that can produce updated 3D visualization information as part of the import process.

We are busy doing a number of Proof of Concept studies with our scheduling solutions. If you are not currently using Minemax Scheduling solutions please contact us to arrange a Proof of Concept study for your organisation.

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