Minemax Scheduler 7.6.0

Scheduler Releases


  • Sliding window rewind where the optimizer will dynamically increase the sliding window size and iteratively include previous periods when faced with infeasible windows.
  • Advanced sliding window options where you can configure window lengths, steps and optimization tolerances for different parts of the schedule.
  • Multi-attribute reblocking.
  • Custom grade bin naming.
  • Vertical rate of advance enhancement where you can configure the proportions that benches contribute to the maximum benches constraint.
  • Unlimited CAPEX expansions.
  • CAPEX expansion directions to control exactly which maximum constraint is expanded.
  • Option to not include 6 decimal places in bench names.
  • User option to switch between themed file dialogs and native Windows file dialogs.

Bug Fixes:

  • Location labels in the 3D Viewer are now updated when location names are modified, or locations removed, within the Haulage Module.
  • Added pre-optimization validation to ensure negative CAPEX expansions on locations do not result in a maximum constraint that is below the minimum constraint.
  • Duplicate process categories no longer appear in category filters if a project is reloaded.
  • Fixed issue with export Attribute Chart when project contained stockpile groups.
  • Reserve report no longer exports the wrong number of columns after processes have been deleted.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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