Minemax Scheduler 7.5.0

Scheduler Releases


Minemax Scheduler 7.5.0 deploys and uses a newer version of Microsoft SQL Server LocalDB (2022) to store project data.
Users will be prompted to create copies of their project repositories when first opening Minemax Scheduler 7.5.0.


  • Easily constrain tonnes in and out of a stockpile.
  • Stockpile capacity is now a constraint under Scenario -> Constraints -> General. Capacity can now be specified per time period.
  • Stockpiles can now be added to groups. These stockpile groups support tonnage and capacity constraints.
  • Added ability to clone stockpiles.
  • Stockpile initials are now optionally included in the reserves table.
  • Clone multiple processes at once.
  • Clone multiple CAPEX at once.
  • Remaining Reserves Report can now be added to report export configurations.

Bug Fixes:

  • Cancelling a scheduled batch now releases resources and the utilised license significantly faster than before.
  • Fixed issue with menu styling when error icon was visible.
  • Location to location precedence description wasn’t updated when location names were modified.
  • Fixed optimisation issue when CAPEX sets contained only one active CAPEX.
  • Fixed optimisation issue when downstream processes had negative values.
  • Reserves table totals are now updated immediately when locations/groups are removed.

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