Minemax Scheduler 7.4.0

Scheduler Releases


  • Process categories that can be used to contextualize processes and used to filter processes in the UI.
  • New Trucking Table report for reporting truck hours.
  • Option in Schedule Table report to include the majority process for a block.
  • 3D Viz Report now has options to display scheduled, unscheduled and active benches.
  • Easily export 3D viz for every time period.
  • Option to map original coordinates in import mappings and have the original coordinate values exported to the back schedule report.
  • Performance improvement to cycle time calculations during importing.
  • Added block file (.bl) validation to ensure correct block file is used during back schedule exporting.
  • Option to switch import mappings UI between gridded and tabbed layout.
  • Option to specify an absolute optimization tolerance.
  • Comments can now be added to import mappings.
  • Option to display point labels in Attribute Chart.
  • Option to include disabled financials in Financial Table report.

Bug Fixes:

  • Minor bug fixes.

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