Minemax Scheduler 7.3.3

Scheduler Releases


  • Optimize scenarios and export reports from command line.
  • Tabular report for purchased CAPEX instances.
  • Reorder multiple items at once.
  • Import custom pit bench visualization.
  • Added speed and coordinate system units to Minemax Haulage.
  • Option to terminate optimization of current window/period and keep schedule for previous periods.
  • Ability to cancel optimizations after “Accept & Stop” or “Accept & Continue”.
  • Optimization time now displayed under Scenario -> Overview.
  • Post report exporting prompt allows easy access to exported files.
  • Improved filtering of lists/dropdowns in reports.
  • Open standard/custom reports in separate windows.
  • Batch Optimizer status emails.
  • With Enterprise Edition, batches can now be scheduled for processing on a remote machine.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed performance issues when pasting or removing a large number of grade re-block ranges.
  • Incorrect scenario used for newly added dashboard items when dashboard is hosted in a separate window.
  • Fixed issues with parsing embedded functions when calling the haulage functions in import configurations.
  • Pre-optimization validation to detect negative downstream process values did not work for dumps.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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