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Minemax Scheduler Version 6 was previewed at the SME Annual Meeting in Seattle from February 19-22, 2012. Version 6 is a major release with a re-designed user interface based up extensive analysis and input from our client partners.


Minemax Scheduler 6 has 64 bit optimization for larger scheduling problems and comes with a re-designed user interface using Windows Presentation Foundation to better communicate schedule results. There is a new architecture that provides intuitive project and scenario management. Key to this release is enhanced reporting allowing user-defined dashboards and scenario comparison. There is now more choice in Minemax Scheduler 6 with numerous editions available to cater for varying scheduling, analysis and reporting requirements.

Minemax also gave a short course at SME entitled Techniques for Model Building in Strategic Mine Schedule Optimization. This course used the Version 6 preview to illustrate various modeling concepts.

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