Minemax Scheduler 6.5.3 – Introducing Pit Group Precedences and Spatial Constraints

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Minemax have released Minemax Scheduler 6.5.3 which gives strategic mine planners greater control over the spatial requirements in their planning process, improving the practicality of their strategic schedule.

With this version, mine planners can set up precedences for entire pit groups to ensure one area is completely mined before moving on to the next one. This helps resolve challenges with fleet allocation across multiple areas and improves efficiencies at the detailed level of planning.

In addition, mine planners can now constrain the maximum number of benches, pits, and pit groups for each individual time period. This is very useful for restricting the number of mined benches, pits, or pit groups in schedules with time periods of mixed lengths.

With these new enhancements and an upgrade to the latest CPLEX 12.9 technology, Minemax Scheduler 6.5.3 gives strategic planners the right platform to maximize the value of their operations while satisfying their requirements, including pit group precedences and spatial constraints.

The new version is now available to all maintained users through Minemax Software Manager.


Martina Brayford

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