Minemax Scheduler 6.1.9 with Advanced Capex Released

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Minemax is pleased to announce the release of Minemax Scheduler version 6.1.9 with Capital Expenditure (Capex) functionality enhancements for using advanced capital expenditure modelling for mining operations and supply chains.

These enhancements, which include modelling alternative capital purchase options (Mutually Exclusive Sets) and the ability to define the order of Capex availability (Dependencies), are now available to all maintained users.

By utilizing these features, mining companies can optimize a capital-sensitive project or operation to its full potential, delivering its maximum value. With the restrictions on capital expenditure in today’s market, detailed Capex modelling in Minemax Scheduler enables companies to more effectively optimize the allocation of limited capital to competing options. New Advanced Capex Example The Mutually Exclusive Sets feature allows modelling of alternative Capex options such as different plant sizes and defining those options as mutually exclusive, which ensures the selection of only one option at a time. With this framework, capital decisions are made optimally, in the context of the mining schedule, removing the need for guesswork or running optimizations for every alternative.

The Dependencies feature is used to define an order for Capex options such as purchasing multiple capital resources or for developments in a supply chain. A dependency can be set between two capital expenditure options to ensure that the second option may not be exercised before the first.

These new features extend the Capex functionality introduced in version 6.1.7, which has been invaluable for developing practical strategic schedules that meet operational limits. Capacity Decay (or Expiration) allows for modelling a limited lifespan of trucks, Capacity Ramp-up gives accuracy when modelling start-up periods of processing plants, and Multiple Instances enables the definition of a single Capex (such as a truck) which can be purchased many times.

More details on how to use Capex modelling in strategic mine scheduling can be found in this article. Maintained Minemax Scheduler users can download Version 6.1.9 immediately.

Minemax will be at the AusIMM Iron Ore 2015 conference in Perth, so if you would like to see the Capex functionality in person, feel free to visit us at Booth #12 for a demonstration. We look forward to seeing you there. ironore2015_exhibitorIf you are not attending the conference, you can find more information on Minemax Scheduler 6 here or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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