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Have you ever wondered about the team that’s behind Minemax software? We recently interviewed Minemax’s Software Tester Jane Colin, who celebrated her 8-year work anniversary last week.

Check out her thoughts on her job, the industry and her favourite things to do.


Why did you join Minemax?

I joined Minemax in 2012 after working for a large mainstream software vendor. My interest in the mining industry led me to apply for the job at Minemax, and I’m proud to be associated with Minemax and their expertise in mine planning and optimization. Right from the start I liked the tight-knit Minemax company culture where everyone works really well together

What is your favourite part of your job?

Being part of the process to improve the quality of Minemax software is truly satisfying for me. I like the feeling when a customer gives you positive feedback about a new software feature we have just released. It always feels like a huge achievement to deliver software that is thoroughly tested from all different angles and perspectives.

Which part of your job is the most challenging?

I find it challenging to replicate and analyse issues encountered by our customers. There are so many things to consider during troubleshooting – the customer’s computing environment, the complexity of their model and how they were using the software when they encountered the issue. Software testing is all about understanding the customer.

What are your interests outside of Minemax?

Before coronavirus, when my relatives came to visit me from Cocos Islands, we would make the most of our time together by going out to lunch, sightseeing or watching West Coast Eagles games during the footy season. I also like to attend the Jungle Body Konga exercise program and participate in their charity fundraising events. With social distancing, all these activities have been put on hold which makes me appreciate my family and my teammates even more.

What advice would you give someone entering your industry?

It’s not all about your technical skills when it comes to software testing. It’s crucial that you develop a good working relationship with the software developers and mining engineers in your team to understand the real needs of your customers in order to be effective in your testing.

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