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We are pleased to announce that on Monday 8th of February, Joe Kraft took the helm as the New CEO of Minemax. Joe Kraft has a geological engineering background, was an officer in the US Army, and has more than 15 years of experience in mine planning and mine operations.

Joe joined Minemax as a Senior Mining Engineer in January 2014. Not long after, Joe was appointed as Minemax’s General Manager – Americas and for the past five years Joe was managing all aspects of software sales and services for the North and South American markets. As Minemax CEO, Joe will continue to lead Minemax to deliver high quality products and services to all our customers worldwide.

“I am extremely confident in Joe’s ability to take Minemax to the next level. He has proved himself as General Manager Americas over a number of years. “ explained Jim Butler, Minemax founder and former CEO.

“Joe is very competent, has deep knowledge of mine planning and understands our customer’s businesses. He has the respect of staff, customers and affiliate companies. I am sure all stakeholders in Minemax will benefit from his leadership.“

We caught up with Joe to find out what he thinks about his new role.

Minemax: Congratulations Joe on your appointment as Minemax CEO! Your journey with Minemax is very inspirational. Can you reflect a little bit on your past 7 years with Minemax?

Joe: Thank you! Certainly, I owe a debt of gratitude to the team here at Minemax. I cannot thank Jim Butler enough for his wisdom and guidance, and for each of our team members who have worked with me to achieve all that we have together these past seven years. Minemax is really a fun and rewarding place to work.

Minemax: Taking the reins from the founder of the company is not an easy task. Can you describe your leadership style?

Joe: It really is a great privilege to be able to lead an established company which has such an exceptionally talented and loyal staff. As a former military officer, I learned early on how powerful a cohesive team can be, and I look forward to the many great things we will accomplish in the years to come.

Minemax: The past year was full of unprecedented times due the COVID-19 pandemic. What is your vision for Minemax in 2021?

Joe: While 2020 certainly was different, Minemax software continued to propel our customers through challenging times to achieve significant value. We see this expanding in 2021 and beyond as we continue to listen and engage with our clients to develop software to meet the ever-changing technical landscape.

Minemax: How does your family feel about your recent appointment?

Joe: I am so very blessed to have a small, wonderful family. Most who know me know that I spend lots of my spare time with my two young boys, who are keen little adventurers themselves. My wife, also a dedicated professional in her field, and I have adapted to many changes over the past years to balance life and careers while embracing the wonderful moments in between.

Minemax: Thanks so much, Joe. We wish you all the best in your new role as Minemax CEO.

If you’d like to contact Joe, you can reach him here.

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