iGantt 5.3 Release with Gantt chart and Optimization Improvements

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Minemax have released a new version of iGantt for activity-based production scheduling. This release includes optimization enhancements as well as improved management of Gantt chart activities through intelligent highlighting of related activities.

According to Joe Kraft, General Manager Americas, “A user needs to ensure that activity dependencies are absolutely correct for a mine schedule to be valid. While dependency checking is possible through iGantt’s visual 3D animation of a schedule, our users also wanted to be able to validate specific dependencies in the Gantt chart. With version 5.3, they can now do that by clicking on an activity to see preceding and following activities highlighted.”

For iGantt users who have the Optimizer edition, iGantt now uses an updated version of the underlying optimization engine that has given faster solve times across a large collection of benchmark datasets.

All users will benefit from numerous enhancements to reporting, including export of the activity report into a pivot table format.

iGantt has been relied upon by mining companies for over 15 years to develop detailed open-pit and underground production schedules. Underground users can also access its unique optimization capabilities. We continue to innovate with close input from our customers to ensure that iGantt is an easy-to-use and effective mine production scheduling tool.


Jim Butler

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