iGantt 4.0 with New Optimizer Released

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Minemax are pleased to announce that iGantt 4.0 has just been released. iGantt 4.0 includes several new features, including an optional Optimizer module, performance improvements, and changes based on customer feedback.

We have improved the performance of our 3D visualization and also the handling of large dgd.isis files. For underground users there is more control of tunnel display. The performance of automatic precedence generation has been improved and there are a substantial number of minor improvements and other fixes.

The same constraint-based framework that forms the core of strategic planning in Minemax Scheduler is now incorporated into iGantt Optimizer to deliver optimized detailed production scheduling for both open pit and underground mining.

iGantt Optimizer allows you to set a list of production constraints for the Optimizer to satisfy. For underground operations, this means you can control development metres, drilling and stoping. For open pit operations, you can control processing, trucking, waste dumps and blending. Unlike tools that use heuristic methods, schedules generated with iGantt Optimizer are guaranteed to satisfy your production constraints.

You can add constraints to an existing iGantt project in seconds, and from there quickly develop operational schedules that satisfy those constraints. iGantt Optimizer’s constraint-based optimization can be used in short-, medium-, and long-term planning.

iGantt Optimizer is a new optional module and can be purchased to add to an existing iGantt license or with a new license. For a look at the new iGantt Optimizer in action, click here. Please contact us to discuss how iGantt Optimizer can be used to schedule and satisfy the production constraints of your operations.

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