Coming Soon – Minemax Scheduler 7.6.0

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The upcoming Minemax Scheduler 7.6 release offers an impressive range of new features.


Sliding Window Rewind and Advanced Options

We are enhancing the sliding window strategy to improve optimization performance. You will no longer need to manually adjust window sizes to solve problematic periods in your schedule. The optimizer will dynamically increase the sliding window size and iteratively include previous periods when faced with infeasible windows. Advanced sliding window options will allow you to configure different sliding window lengths, steps, and tolerances for different parts of your schedule.

Multiple Attribute Reblock

We are making it easier to configure attribute (grade) reblocking when your binning strategy includes multiple grades. You will no longer need to use complex import expressions or configure your bins outside of Minemax Scheduler when reblocking on multiple grades. We are also allowing you to customize the names of your grade bins.

Vertical Rate of Advance

We are introducing a new feature that improves the effectiveness of the maximum bench constraint to control vertical rate of advance. Using an attribute in your model, you will be able to control the proportion that each bench contributes to the constraint. This enhancement opens a range of possibilities, such as adjusting the proportion based on bench tons, depth, or rock type.


Minemax Scheduler 7.6.0 will be available for maintained customers very soon. If you would like to discuss your maintenance or purchase options, please contact a Minemax sales representative.

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