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Rapid, High-Level Project Evaluation

The all-new Minemax Planner is a fast, easy-to-use tool for rapid, high-level project evaluation that enables businesses to quickly understand the potential value of projects with minimum time investment.

It guides mine planners from a block model through pit optimization, nested shells and pushbacks to NPV optimal schedules, rapidly developing optimal strategies for even the largest of models.

Welcome to Minemax

Minemax specializes in providing optimization and scheduling solutions through our software and associated consulting services. Our integrated mine planning solutions enable planners to develop and communicate high-value practical schedules that target production requirements, maximize resource utilization and optimize business value.


Minemax Planner - Whittle Comparison Study by AMC
"Planner pit optimization computing times were significantly faster than the Whittle pit optimization times ..."
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New Software for Rapid, High-Level Project Evaluation
Minemax are pleased to announce the release of a new solution for rapid, high-level project evaluation ...
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“Planning a stockpile on spec was not possible with the software we were using before. ... We now define a workable solution within minutes.”
Hubert Dumon
Superintendent, Mine Engineering
Koniambo Nickel New Caledonia